A team that puts a lot of effort into the work they do and they do it with pleasure, I had the opportunity to work with them once and they always sought to provide solutions. The willingness was excellent, even with the time difference, they stayed working with me at any time.

Alejandro Barck


"During these last few months of heavy workload, we were lucky enough to meet Important Person Call Center. At a critical moment in which we needed solutions, in many cases quickly and highly efficiently, we found the answers in Important Person Call Center. to our needs"

Ana Maria Gonzalez Lupión

CEO: Mujeres Libres, Mujeres en paz

Juanjo Villalobos


With the Call Center team, we have always understood each other perfectly, very well organized and excellent treatment - and that is very important in customer service. It's as if they have worked for my company forever. Very professional and great personal quality.

We appreciate the trust of all our clients. We have adapted to your business, being part of it and growing with it.